I can haz sum rain plz!

Well i never thought I would say that, but frankly, all this sunshine is messing with my body temperature and more importantly my stats.

I understand that we don’t get sunshine often in the UK, and I understand that when it is nice, people go out. Which then means people are not on the internet.

Which subsequently messes with my campaigns. Goddammit people, some people are trying to make a living from the interwebz - please…. put down your icecreams, put away your BBQ’s and please… give the internets your attention.


public announcement over: kthanxbye



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I don’t know why the issue of women’s happiness keeps cropping up in the news, but I can officially say that I am sick of it!

Women have long strived for equality. However this fight was predominantly focused on equality in the workplace. I am no feminist as such, but I do think that we should really have been rallying for equality in general.

Women are now told they not only need to achieve a success in the work place, but also be a ‘martha stewart’ style mother, a perfect wife/girlfriend and find time for a healthy¬† social life all ontop of looking amazing and pleasing our men.

WTF! How on earth is any one person suppossed to ‘do it all’!!

One minute we are being told to reach for the sky, and break the glass ceiling, then we are told, that if we do this, we will be neglecting our families and effectively contributing to the decline of todays society through bad parenting and abandonment of family values.

As much as the demands as listed above make me think that women are under demand, and can’t possible adhere to them all, I am also sick of people whinging about how bad we (women) have it!

Yes, it does suck that women have to take on so many roles. However, we do have it better than we ever have done.

I keep reading how women were happier in the 70’s than they are now http://tinyurl.com/oon9mm however I don’t think that they were.

I am going to share with you a piece of wisdom which was told to me frequently as a child growing up.

"Life’s not fair"

So just deal with what you have been dealt and stop moaning!

Google Squared

I have just stumbled upon Google Squared!

Why wasn’t this sh*t about when i was at school! It’s not fair!


breakfast prehistoric style :D NOM

breakfast prehistoric style :D NOM


funny pictures of cats with captions
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it’s funny because it’s true

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